Buggy Incentive at Château St Michel / Remilly

Buggy Incentive at Château St Michel / Remilly

Ideal group size:     Between 10 and 14 people

Duration: 1-2 nights during weekdays or weekend

Overview (Weekend proposal)

The departure from Luxembourg to Remilly (Bourgogne) will be on a friday morning, the journey takes around 5-6 hours by car. After the arrival, you will have a 3 course dinner with regional wines in the unique atmosphere of the castle with your group. The castle offers double rooms that can be used by 1 or 2 guests.


In the next morning (depending on the weather conditions) you get up early at 5 o'clock in the morning for a special occassion that cannot be missed: A hot air balloon ride just after the sun rise. Discover the beautiful region from high above during an hour in your private balloon. After landing you will enjoy a rustical breakfast in the castle.


As there are meeting facilities on site, it is possible to have a little reunion or workshops on site. Otherwise you can have a little free time to take a little walk through the area or enjoy the peaceful nature by yourself.

After lunch you can proof your shooting skills on the castles own shooting stands before the adventure of your trip starts. Take your helmet and overall and get in our new Buggies Polaris RZR for 2 people. During approx. 3h00 we will guide you through the area while you are driving the buggies by yourself as pilot with a copilot from your group.


After the tour you have a little free time for yourself, or if you want to get on board again and participate at a very special game animal feeding around the castle.

During dinner in the evening you can discover some regional wines while doing a wine degustation and learn a little bit about the region. Afterwards relax in the cozy castle atmosphere and think back about the adventures you experience during the day.

Sunday is supposed to be the departure day, but in case the weather conditions have not been ideal on Saturday morning, the flight would be organized this morning.

The proposed incentive program with buggies and hot air ballooning is our bestseller program, but not the only possibility the castle offers for groups.

If the castle St Michel interests you in general for any other type of incentive or event, let us know and we will create your individual concept.