Pagoda rental

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Pagodas and tents

The rental is very easy!


Included in the rental price of a pagoda:

  • Pagoda with 4 white sides possible to be opened
  • Duration 3-4 days, special discounts for longer rentals
  • Build up and down by our staff during weekdays (Mo-Fr. between 9h and 17h)



  • Optional floor:    220 Euro HT (25m2)
  • Transport:          0,50 Euro HT / km


Pagoda 4x4m, white, without floor
assembly & disassembly incl.
265€ HT
Pagoda 5x5m, white, without floor (+220 Euro HT)
assembly & disassembly incl.
295€ HT
Easy up 3x3m without floor
4 sides open, black
190€ HT
Easy up 5x5m without floor
4 sides open, black
240€ HT
Tent - 7,5x5 - Without floor
Weekend price
625€ HT
Tentickle Lounge
for events at Le Moulin
500€ HT
Other tents
different sizes
on demand
Tentickle Stretch Tent
different sizes available
on demand
Arched Halls
Hall Systems for agriculture,trade, industry etc.
on demand